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A Weekend of Change.

30 Mar

Well it’s Friday. I’m about ready to go buy some Debrox for my poor clogged up ears.  Since it’s overcast today I’m taking Bouncy Buns to the park. I have the cutest video of him talking with Reavera. He’s getting so vocal. I think we have a chatterbox in the making. Now if we could only get the teething under control. I think I’m going to buy Teething Tablets for him since he doesn’t really like a teething ring at the moment.

The weekends are depressing nowadays – especially since Reavera works the weekends now.  The weekends are when we get The Pickle. On Saturdays and Sundays I spend most of the day alone with him. The Pickle doesn’t enjoy those times. He won’t interact with me, or come out of his room. When I talk to him I get ignored. It’s frustrating because I’m in no place to really say something to his mother. Or at least that is my understanding. I’m going to try another attempt to shake up things with him. I’m either going to make homemade playdough or homemade watercolor painting. Since the farmer’s market is getting ready to open up (next week actually!) I think it’d be great bonding time to go to the farmer’s market together. He believes fruits and vegetables only come from a grocery store. It would be a great learning opportunity to find out where fruits and vegetables come from.

I’m not going to give up with The Pickle. The odds may be stacked against me but I’m not giving up.  I love him too much to do so. I’m going to continue to try to give him balance between playing outdoors, doing activities, and occasionally playing video games. Iit’s very difficult to get him to do something outside of playing a video game or sitting in front of a television for hours.

It’s nice outside. It’s time for him to enjoy the weather. There are more things to life other than a video game or television.