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A Weekend of Change.

30 Mar

Well it’s Friday. I’m about ready to go buy some Debrox for my poor clogged up ears.  Since it’s overcast today I’m taking Bouncy Buns to the park. I have the cutest video of him talking with Reavera. He’s getting so vocal. I think we have a chatterbox in the making. Now if we could only get the teething under control. I think I’m going to buy Teething Tablets for him since he doesn’t really like a teething ring at the moment.

The weekends are depressing nowadays – especially since Reavera works the weekends now.  The weekends are when we get The Pickle. On Saturdays and Sundays I spend most of the day alone with him. The Pickle doesn’t enjoy those times. He won’t interact with me, or come out of his room. When I talk to him I get ignored. It’s frustrating because I’m in no place to really say something to his mother. Or at least that is my understanding. I’m going to try another attempt to shake up things with him. I’m either going to make homemade playdough or homemade watercolor painting. Since the farmer’s market is getting ready to open up (next week actually!) I think it’d be great bonding time to go to the farmer’s market together. He believes fruits and vegetables only come from a grocery store. It would be a great learning opportunity to find out where fruits and vegetables come from.

I’m not going to give up with The Pickle. The odds may be stacked against me but I’m not giving up.  I love him too much to do so. I’m going to continue to try to give him balance between playing outdoors, doing activities, and occasionally playing video games. Iit’s very difficult to get him to do something outside of playing a video game or sitting in front of a television for hours.

It’s nice outside. It’s time for him to enjoy the weather. There are more things to life other than a video game or television.


Fabulous Freebie Wednesday! 3/28/2012

28 Mar

It’s that time of the week again! While I convince my husband to go see The Hunger Games today why don’t you go enjoy some free samples I found?  Stay tuned because later on today I will have my review up for Tazo Tea.


  • Beech-Nut is offering a Free Starter Kit which includes a coupon for a free box of Beech-Nut cereal and two free jars of Beech-Nut baby food. All you need to do is sign up for their monthly eNewsletter on the Beech-Nut website.
  • Beech-Nut is also offering the Next Steps Kit for free when you sign up for their monthly eNewsletter. Note: The Beech-Nut links are different.
  • Gerber is offering a Free Generation Backpack which includes a free sample of baby formula, a Gerber Baby Bib, Health Record, Nutrition Guide, Breastfeeding Basics Guide, and a value book at  participating hospitals. Just print off the certificate on their website and give it to your hospital, if they are participating, when your baby is born.


  • Subway is offering a free Random Acts of Kindness Kit & homeschooling parents on their website. Click here to go to the Subway website.
  • PetCo is offering a CareFresh Lesson in a Box Small Animal Pet Care Classroom Kit for teaching your classroom small animal pet care on the PetCo website.
  • The EPA is offering a Free Planet Protectors Club Kit which includes an official membership certificate, a badge, activity bookets for grades K-3 and 4-5 for teachers & home schooling parents. Click here to go to the EPA website.


  • Quaker Oatmeal is offering a free sample box of Quaker Oatmeal Squakes when you “Like” their Facebook Page.
  • QuickChek is offering an exclusive coupon for a free 20z bottle of Pepsi Next when you “Like” their Facebook Page.
  • Get a coupon for a free ZonePerfect bar when you “Like” their Facebook Page.
  • Now Foods is offering a sample of their Real Tea to the first 100 people each day through the month of March when you “Like” their Facebook Page.
  • Del Taco is offering 2 free cicken soft tacos & a free shake on your birthday when you join their Raving Fan eClub. Click here to sign up.
  • Del Taco is offering a free crispy shrimp taco with any purchase when you “Like” them on Facebook.
  • Del Taco is offering a free muffin sandwich with any purchase when you “Like” them on Facebook.
  • Nestle Abuelita is offering free merienda kit every week on Facebook. Your last chance to get this offer will be April 4, 2012. Note: You can change the language to English in the upper right hand corner of the exclusive.


  • Wal-Mart is offering a free sample of Beneful Baked Delights.
  • Rachael Ray is offering a free sample of Just 6 dog food on her website.
  • Pedigree will donate a free bowl of food to an animal shelter when you share or “Like” their video on Facebook.
  • If you’re a member of PetCo Pals they are offering 1 free can of Hill’s Tender Dinners Cat Food on the PetCo website.


  • Febreze is working with Operation Gratitude to donate 50,000 Febreze Set & Refresh kids to the men & women serving in the US Army. Click “Like” on their Facebook in order to help.


  • For Costco Members Only: Get a free sample of Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse on the Costco website.
  • Watch this Video on the Eucerin US Facebook Page and receive a free sample of Eucerin Calming Itch-Relief Treatment.
  • Have you gotten your Target Spring Beauty Bag yet? This is still available with selected purchases at Target on the Target website.
  • Target is also offering a free sample of Ultra-Lift 2-in-1 Wrinkle Reducer.
  • Thornton Floss is offering a free sample starter kit including Thornton 3 in 1 Floss, Thornton Periodontal Floss, and Thornton Bridge & Implant Cleaners by filling out a short form on their website.
  • Chiff MegaRed is offering a free sample when you “Like” their Facebook Page.
  • Take the Arm & Hammer Toothpaste Challenge. Fill out this short form to receive a free sample. http://www.tryarmandhammer.com/
  • Need some earplugs? Hearos got you covered. Available in two colors, they are offering 5,000 samples every day on their website. If they are out for the day wait after 10:00AM CST to request your sample.
  • Get a free trial pack of o.b tampons when you fill out this short form.
  • Get a free sample of Sani-Heads Instant Hand-Santizing Wipes at Wal-Mart.
  • Grab a free sample of Flanax Pain Reliever Tablets when you fill out a short form on their website.
  • BioPharma Scientific is offering a free sample of the SuperFood Solution supplement when you fill out a form on their website.


  • Disney Store will be offering 250 free Mickey Mouse hats, today (3-28-2012) only, at 10:00AM at each of their Disney Stores. Click here to find out more.
  • Go Red for Women is offering a free Red Dress Pin when you “Like” their Facebook Page.
  • Target will be giving away free reusable Totes on April 22nd 2012. Save the date!
  • Sears Portrait Studio is offering a complimentary 16 x 20 Wall Portrait (a 69.99 value including no session fee) for liking them on Facebook. This is going to be perfect for my little family so I know I’m going to use this one. The coupon expires April 15th. http://media.cpicorp.com/social/sps12-fb-coupon.html
  • Sears Portrait Studio is offering the following exclusives on their website as well: Free Custom Wall Portrait, 40% off everything, and Favorite Pose Package (includes 1 8 x 10, 2 5×7, 4 3 1/2 x 5 and 16 wallets) all for 7.99. All of these offers have no session fee.
  • The Apples iTune Store is offering the game Drainworks for free for a limited time.


  • Pringles is holding the Tournament of Flavors contest on their Facebook Page. You have a chance to win a $500 pre-paid card or a coupon for a package of Pringles every day until April 16, 2012.

Me Two You Baby Blankets

19 Mar

What do you get when the great minds of an attorney, interior designer, and a marketing communications expert come together? An amazing product with a purpose.

Me Two You is a mom-founded company with an amazingly simple concept. For every blanket purchased, a blanket will be donated to an orphaned child. That means whenever you buy a baby blanket you are actually buying two blankets: one for you and one for a child in need. Me Two You works with foster care in the US and with orphanages around the world.

Now you may be wondering why I am blogging about them today. It’s a funny story actually. Well, not really funny. It IS a story. They recently followed me on Twitter. When I reviewed their website (I check out all of my Twitter followers) and read what they were all about I KNEW I had to write something about them. There are so many children in the world who are abandoned, end up alone, or thrown into the system. It’s a harsh reality that isn’t spoken about much, but lots of children do not end up with the luxuries we do. I’m sure almost all of my readers got an abundance of baby blankets at their baby showers.  I know I did. I ended up with more blankets than baby clothes. Some children are not as lucky though.

That’s where Me Two You steps in.

You definitely need to watch the following video below. It’s Me Two You’s first drop off to a child in Brazil.

The baby blankets are non-piling, highly detailed, reversible and 100% polyester.  You can also get the ease of mind knowing these blankets are made in the US.  They look so soft.

Available in 3 colors: Blue, Yellow, and Pink.

I do hope in the future they will have more colors available only because I prefer a variety as a personal preference. The blankets are $72.00 each, but remember that every blanket you purchase a child in needs get one. In actuality you are buying two. Me Two You baby blankets can be purchased online or at select stores in the northeast.

When I have the money available I am definitely going to purchase a baby blanket to give to a family in need in the Joplin area. That way I know that not only will my purchase help someone I know locally but someone else in the world will receive a great gift as well.

You can check out Me Two You at their website. They also have Facebook, and Twitter.

Brotherly Love

10 Mar

All doom, and gloom aside.. (if anyone is wondering YES I am still bothered. I just need to find peace. I have to.) I want to tell you a story today of two brothers.


These two brothers are inseparable. Any time Bouncy Buns needs a diaper change his beloved Neko is there… in the good times..
and the bad times…


It’s quite funny really. I had talks with Reavera before Wiggleman was born. We were afraid Freya would be completely shy at first, and eventually warm up to Wiggleman while Neko would be too playful and possibly hurt him. When we brought Wiggleman home Freya was very reserved (still is honestly). Neko, on the other hand, decided that this baby was HIS baby. Neko has huge paws with huge claws. Neko has used his claws to well…. You know what. I don’t want to get into that. Ahem. Anyways. Whenever Neko is around Wiggleman he never uses his claws. Never. Wiggle has kicked him, grabbed him, snacked him. You name it so far and Wiggleman has done it.  Neko takes it like a champ.

I wonder if that will change later on.





I hope not.