PR Inquiries

I am interested in reviewing your products.  I give honest reviews that feature the benefits of your products.  That means I must be able to try out your product beforehand. If I receive compensation for a review I will let my readers know at the beginning of the review I received compensation. I would ask if you do want me to review your product (compensation or not) that you send me the product for either myself or my family to try out unless it is something I already have in my home. I will let you know.

I prefer not to receive compensation, for the record.

In order to advertise your product to my readers I am willing to hold giveaways. For this to happen I must be provided the product.

My demographics in our household are the following:
– 25 year old married female
– 32 year old male
– 2 month old child
– 7 year old child (at our home part time)
– We are a blended family
– We are pet friendly. We have two cats. 1 Female & 1 Male
– We like to cook home meals
– Learning to be more “green”
– We have a Playstation Vita
– Our OS is  Windows 7

I am also available to speak to speak about my experience during the Joplin, MO May 22nd tornado. I have been featured in The Joplin Globe, Parsons Sun, Kansas City Star, and 22 Minutes in May. I have also been mentioned in various online blogs. I have been interviewed by local TV with another TV interview coming in the future.  I never expected in my life that I would be in the front page of a newspaper.  I want to give others hope. I firmly believe the reason why I am still here is to tell people to never give up – even in trying times. I can also talk about the importance of PTSD therapy. I should have went into therapy after the tornado.

If interested in contacting me for a product review, giveaway, or interview opportunity please contact me at, Facebook, or Twitter.


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