Cheerios and Free Stuff. Can life get any better?

26 Mar

I think my son’s grumpiness rubbed off on me. I woke up in a pretty grumpy mood. I’m combating the grumpiness with a bowl of Dulce de Leche Cheerios. Have you guys tried this cereal yet? I’m not much of a Cheerios fan but these are amazing. I snagged this image off of the Cheerios website to give you an idea of what they look like.


The Dulce De Leche Cheerios look just as pretty as the product picture above. I was expecting the caramel to either be too sweet or too bland. I was delightfully surprised they have the right amount of sweetness without it being too sweet.

You can find them in your local cereal aisle. Or you can check out their website right here.

All grumpiness aside I wanted to share a revelation with you all. I was completely unaware of two of the coolest websites around that let you give your opinions to brands, and get free stuff.  A lot of people I know are afraid to join these sites since most of them make you put in hours of work and get little to nothing back. I’ll admit I’m one of those people which is why I’ve stuck to finding legitimate freebies. The two websites I’m going to talk about today are practically effortless, have tons of positive reviews across the internet, and the products you get to sample are flippin’ outrageous. In a good way of course.

CrowdTap is a nifty website where you answer very simple questions about yourself and questions given by select brands.There is a points system which lets you gain points to redeem for discounts, gift cards, and 5% of what you redeem goes to your charity of choice.  Yep, that’s right, you can help out a charity of your choice. My charity of choice is the ASPCA since I am an avid animal lover. You can gain points by answering quick hits and completing “missions.”  I was surprised the questions they ask you, known as quick hits, are relatively simple. When you answer the question they will give you the results of the question. It’s pretty neat to see what the majority of everyone who answered that particular question think. I’ve been asked questions by brands such as Verizon, Woolite, and Old Navy to name a few. Missions are pretty interesting to participate in, and in my experience they are the way to gain the most of amount of points. A example of a mission can be “Post in a Discussion.”

Crowdtap gives incentives to come back with their leveling system. When you level up you can unlock more missions and actions.

So what exactly does all the quick hits, and missions lead up to? It leads up to you being selected to participate in brand discussions, challenges, and the ability to host parties & receive samples. I got offered the opportunity to participate in an Old Navy Discussion about their shoes, and the opportunity to host a brand sponsored party at an Old Navy. I’m still waiting to hear back if I was accepted to host a brand party but it looks wicked fun. On other websites I have seen people who participate in Old Navy host parties receive wonderful freebies like a free pair of jeans, a free shirt, and a free dress for the host & friends who participated. Who doesn’t like free clothes? I’m sure there are other brands on CrowdTap that do similar but right now I’ve only gotten the opportunity for Old Navy.

The biggest draw for point redemption, in my opinion, has to be the $25 gift cards for Amazon. If you do a quick Google search about CrowdTap and Amazon gift cards you will see a plethora of people who have gotten multiple cards so far. I’m about halfway towards a $25 gift card myself.

You need to come back to CrowdTap regularly to check out the latest quick hits and not miss out any opportunities to join actions or discussions as some brands have a limit of how many people can participate.

Does this sound interesting to you? I sure hope it does. If you’re interested in signing up you can either click on the banner on the side of my blog or you can click here.

Influenster is another relatively easy site to participate in that gives out amazing free sample boxes based on your lifestyle. The concept is simple: Unlock badges which match your lifestyle. Don’t worry that’s pretty easy to do.  Influenster sends out mystery free sample boxes. Influenster will choose who receives the mystery box, known as VoxBox, to a random selection of people based on their badges. You then review what you get in the box on your blog/youtube/twitter/etc. They hold twitter parties to talk about the VoxBoxes. Do you want an idea of what type of samples you may get? Check out this Youtube Video of last month’s Love VoxBox. As you can tell they don’t skimp out on the samples. Influenster confirmed on Twitter at the last Twitter Party the Gillette Olay Venus Razor was an Influenster exclusive. It won’t be available until the end of March. They also include bonus sample to people with specific badges.  The next VoxBox is geared towards mothers, and they will be doing a spring VoxbBox shortly. I highly recommend this site as well.  If you want to join Influenster click here.

Are any of you a member of CrowdTap or Influenster? Leave a comment below about your experience. I’d love to hear from you. Before I go I want to send a special thank you to my Twitter friend & fellow Mommy Blogger Lisa. She was the one who told me about those websites. If it wasn’t for her convincing I probably wouldn’t have ever joined. Thank you Lisa!


A Peak Into the Life of a Lazy Stay at Home Mom.

25 Mar

Before anyone says there is a grammar fail on my part – the use of peak rather than peek was intentional!

Well yesterday was a complete let down. I was unable to get pictures of my stepson’s birthday party to share with everyone. I am so sorry everyone.  My stepson absolutely loved the birthday cake which is the most important thing to me even when comments were made of “expecting a better cake.”

I need to give a shout out to all stepmothers and stepfathers out there. Blended families are tough. I take that back. They are really really tough. Yesterday was proof again how hard it is to be a stepmother. Why can’t things be left alone: especially at a birthday party?  It’s days like yesterday which make me grateful for all of my family and friends who care for me.

I’m only going to say one last thing from yesterday then I’m done airing dirty laundry and moving on. I’m a stay at home mom. I intend to stay a stay at home mom. I like to blog. Its what I do with my free time. I have NOTHING against other moms who work full or part time. I don’t shove it in anyone’s face that I’m a stay at home mom and I really don’t like being told I need to get a “real job because blogging is silly.”  Being a stay at home mom doesn’t mean a woman is lazy. Likewise being a work at home mom doesn’t mean you don’t care about your child. Every mom is a mom regardless of how they do it.

Anyways…. as the old saying goes “Onward and Upward!” That is a saying, right?

My son is still really grumpy. The last time he was this angry was when his reflux was not diagnosed yet. The upside is that he’s not shrieking or throwing up. That’s a plus. I wonder why he’s so grumpy. He is 12 weeks old so he might be growth spurting, but at the same time he’s been a huge drool bucket & gnawing on his hands so it might be teething. No one has really explained what to look for with teething, and because he was so upset for both of his earlier growth spurts I don’t know what to look for.  I’ll probably call his pediatrician tomorrow.

I’ve started to contact companies to see if they want to send product samples so I can review them. Six companies so far and no leads yet. It’s going to be an uphill battle but I’m up for the challenge. I really want to do giveaways and product reviews. Someone will eventually say yes I hope!

Even though I don’t have any cute pictures from yesterday I’m going to end today’s blog with something just as cute. I need it.

I guess my cat’s love my son’s Graco stroller as much as I do.


24 Mar

Cakes by Nessa

23 Mar

I am so excited. My stepson’s cake for his birthday party on Saturday is done. I have been waiting for this cake for over a month. The Pickle wanted a Lego Star Wars themed cake.  His mother wanted to pick a cake out of a book from Wal*Mart, but I wanted to go a step further. I have a friend who creates absolutely amazing cakes. Her name is Vanessa & she is the owner of Cakes by Nessa.  I have known her since high school. I have been a fan of hers since she made my husband’s World of Warcraft cake last year. After some convincing I was able to get The Pickle’s mother to agree to let my friend make his cake. He wanted a Lego Star Wars themed birthday party. You guys have to check this out:

Lego Star Wars Cake. The topper is an actual lego set. The stars and text were painted with edible dust.

Isn’t it cute? Lego Star Wars is all the rage right now with little boys. The cake is covered & decorated with fondant. It 3 layers of cake & serves 40. Vanessa and I looked for the candy blox to put around the cake but we could not find them locally. I’m going to have a very happy 7 year old on Saturday. Reavera was surprised at how nice the cake is. If anyone is interested I will be taking pictures of The Pickle’s birthday party and including them in Sunday’s blog.

Vanessa’s work does not stop there. Let’s take a look at some of the other cakes she has created. She gave me permission to post these photos on my blog.

Everything on this cake is edible.

Not only is everything on this treasure chest cake edible, but look at all the detail. This is one of my favorite cakes. I love how the chocolate gold pieces sit perfectly without looking like they were placed there for a reason.

Princess Castle Cake

This is another one of my favorites mainly because I like all things girly and this princess castle cake screams girly. Again, everything is edible on this fondant cake.

Toy Story Cake

I’m not 100% sure Buzz Light Year, Woody, and Rex are edible but the rest of the cake is. It takes a lot of work to make sheet look like a sheet on a bed with cake. I can’t get enough of the hand painted text.

My husband's birthday cake last year. He was completely surprised.

As the caption stated this is my husband’s birthday cake. This is the first cake I order from my friend Vanessa. At the time I was unaware she even made cakes. A friend of mine who is also friend of hers happened to refer me to Vanessa.  After being completely blown away with this cake I wanted to order Reavera a cake this year. We were not in a good place financially at the time, however, so the cake will wait until next year. Have I mentioned yet that Vanessa does not have formal training in cake decorating? Can you say talented? I knew you could.

Care Bears Cake

This is another one of my absolute favorites. Anyone else remember growing up watching the Care Bears or collecting Care Bear dolls? I would be one happy momma if I received a cake like this for my birthday (Not like I’m hinting or anything like that.). Everything about this cake is perfect to me.


I’ve been obsessed with penguins as of late, and this Happy Feet cake Vanessa made is not helping. The water and snow on the top of this cake is very realistic.

Angry Birds

Anyone who’s been on the internet the last three years is very well aware of the hit game Angry Birds. If you haven’t heard it – you have either been hiding under a rock or you have been oblivious. It is one of the most addicting games to play on your smartphone or tablet.   If you haven’t had a chance to play it the game is available on Facebook now. I’m stuck on Level 62 Poached Eggs which happens to use quite a few of the black birds. Vanessa got the black bird’s expression spot-on on this fondant cake.

Spider Man Spider Man does whatever a Spider Man does. Wait, what?

This was one of Vanessa’s first cakes, and one of the cakes that was a deciding factor for me to utilize her cake decorating services. A cake perfect for any child, Vanessa shows detailed piping work in this Spider Man cake.

Wedding Cake

Vanessa creates wedding cakes as well. This is only her second wedding cake but it is my favorite so far. For someone with no cake decorating training I am amazed at her detail in her piping. Her skill outshines many cakes I have seen in grocery stores.

Vanessa has crazy mad talent in cake decorating, and I can really see her business going even farther in the future. She makes all of her cakes at home, and is the mom of an adorable little girl. If anyone is interested in ordering a cake from her she resides in the Southeast Kansas area. Vanessa will pretty much make any cake you want her to. The cakes I am showing you tonight are only a small sampling of what she’s done. You can view her full work by going to her Facebook. She also takes orders on her Facebook as well. I hope she opens up a business website for Cakes by Nessa soon. When I look at her cakes I think of happiness. She puts in 200% dedication into all of her work. You will not be disappointed when you order a cake from her. Her prices vary depending on what type of you cake you want and the size. She will quote you a price before she begins working on the cake.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out her Facebook. I’m going to ask a personal favor from all of you. I’d love to see her get past 65 followers on Facebook. Let’s all work together to give her 100 followers. Are you up for the challenge?

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I wrote this review because I love Vanessa’s cakes and want to show her cakes off to the world.  All statements in this review are my honest opinion. 

The Elephant in the Room

22 Mar

I need to get this off my chest.

My pregnancy: I hated it. It was one of the worst times in my life. I was miserable, sick, I ended up almost dying because of a stupid tornado, my labor was horrid, and the first week postpartum felt like hell.

I’m dedicating today as a confessional. If you are a family member or friend that may be easily offended I’d recommend not reading.

Confession #1 – I dreaded having a boy when I found out the gender. I just knew Bouncy Buns was going to be Emma. I was carrying high, his heartbeat was fast, and friends just knew it was going to be a girl. I hoped to be apart of Team Pink. I wanted to go shopping together, play dress up, collect dolls, and cover our home with pink & glitter. Well.. we know how that went. I spent a month after I found out the gender crying. When I saw little boys I thought of “misbehaving”, “attitudes” and only wanting to play video games & watch TV. It doesn’t help when The Pickle can come over he’s a very reserved little guy – he likes to keep to himself & only play video games (which there’s nothing wrong with him being reserved. At the time my emotions were out of control). Even to this day I feel awkward around The Pickle because he’s a boy. What do I do with a boy who’s already set on what he wants to do and doesn’t want to hear from some woman who’s entered his father’s life? My dreams of having someone I could relate to faded away. As the months went on I finally accepted that my dreams of a girl would have to be reserved for next time. When I look back now I realized my feelings were natural. My son means the world to me.  He is so much fun. I can’t wait until he gets older. I might not be able to do the dress up or go shopping together but I’m going to try to do lots of arts & crafts with him.

Confession #2 – I was upset people who said they were going to visit me didn’t. I get it now that life happens, but it really hurt me at the time. When we ended up finally getting our own place again after the tornado I had so many friends who said they would visit me. Out of all of them I only had two people do so. Only two. Only one person outside of my parents visited me after Wiggle Man was born. Just one. Let me be frank: My viewers and friends online have seen more of my son than people I know close. Oh well. I hope I can make local friends soon or even better maybe the ones who I care for my visit. It’s just a thought.

Confession #3 –  I’m really irritated at the people who told me I was going to get gestational diabetes. I had multiple people in my life tell me I was “destined” to have gestational diabetes because of my size. I won’t deny that I’m a plus size girl. I want to be healthier but I appreciate my curves. Not every plus size girl develops gestational diabetes, and not every “skinny” girl doesn’t have to worry about getting it. Gestational diabetes happens because your baby’s placenta is making your pancreas overwork. It doesn’t mean your diabetic. For the record the people who told me I was going to get it: Yeah, you’re right I DID get it. But guess what? I’m a lot healthier now than what I was before I was pregnant. I consider gestational diabetes as a blessing as much as I hated having it.

Confession #4 – I regret not being able to breastfeed. This regret is only because of personal choice not because I think one is better than another. Nothing went right with my pregnancy. I had complication after complication.  All that I asked to go right was for me to be able to breastfeed. Did that get to happen? No. The odds were against me. There are people in my life who told me I wouldn’t be able to do it. I even had a nurse while I had my stay in the hospital tell me it’s going to be too difficult for me to be able to breastfeed because I have large breasts. I asked for a lactation consult to help me, and I was ignored. The icing on the cake of it all: My son was taken away from me during one night of my hospital stay and fed formula by the nurses without my permission. The answer I got back when I complained: He was getting formula when using the nipple shield anyways. That wasn’t the point. I wanted to have that bond with him. It was all downhill from there when I ended up with an epidural headache. I could not lift my head up without being in excruciating pain which left me not being able to pump, or breastfeed. I get my son is healthy and happy on formula.  My biggest let down from the entire situation is I felt like I gave up. I’m disappointed in myself. I never had maternity photos,  newborn photos, a nursery for him, or even a baby shower. I at least wanted to give him nutrition from what my breasts were meant to do. I don’t cry myself to sleep anymore because of not being able to breastfeed which is good.  I understand it’s the past now. My son is a happy healthy chunky baby.

Confession #5 – I hate being considered one of those moms who need medicine to function. I was forced to go and get help by my family. I was so overwhelmed with being a mother, and the aftermath of everything going wrong I was trying to find a way out. Nothing went right, I wasn’t getting any sleep and I felt so inadequate as a mother. If I didn’t have the support I did I probably would have died.  The Wellbutrin is helping me be able to focus again.  I can look back at what I was doing and realize it wasn’t right. I only hope one day I can be weaned off of anti-depressants.  I don’t like having to need help feeling better. Why can’t I do it on my own?

Confession #6 – I should have never let myself be talked into getting an epidural. Again, this is a personal choice. I stand neutral between those who are for and those who are against them.  I was in labor for 21-22 hours before I finally gave in and had an epidural. Did I mention my labor included pitocin and magnesium sulfate? My original plan was to have an IV of pain killers. My OB, my husband, and a nurse told me it was silly to not have an epidural because I was afraid of side effects. They all said I would feel better. It took multiple attempts to get the epidural in. One of those times a blood vessel was hit. Another time they hit nerves that hit my legs. The epidural may have made my labor progress rather quickly but if I knew what I was going to go through I wouldn’t do it.

I’ve been holding those confessions back for a very long time. I really hope I’m not alone in thinking some of the things I do. If I am, however, I won’t be hurt.  If anyone relates or felt like they had a horrible pregnancy I’d love for you to take the time & reply.

Now on a different note – I reached 100 views for Wednesday & 200 Twitter followers yesterday!  Hurray! Thank you everyone for reading my blog. I am in the works in getting product reviews & giveaways started (in other words I’m contacting companies in hopes they won’t think I’m crazy for wanting to review their products because I have a small viewer base at the moment). If anyone had some suggestions of some companies they would love for me to review let me know.


Fabulous Freebie Wednesday!

21 Mar

Other people may be participating in Wordless Wednesday but I’m not! I like to shake it up a bit and that’s why I am posting the latest and greatest freebies I find on the web every Wednesday. Welcome to this week’s Fabulous Freebie Wednesday!

– Get a free sample of Rachel Ray’s Nutrish for Dogs when you fill out this form.
– Get a free sample of All Natural Bully Sticks for your dog when you fill out a short form.

– First 3,000 who fill out this form get a package of Pledge Fresh Wipes.
– Tide is offering free samples of their new all-in-one detergent, stain remover, and brightener known as Tide Pods. Click here for the sample!
– Grab a free sample of Purex UltraPacks at WalMart.
– Shout is offering free samples of Shout Color Catcher on their website.

– Get a free sample of Lipton’s Honey & Tea Mango Pineapple on their Facebook Page!
– Get a free sample of MojoMilk when you pay $1.00 shipping on the company website.
– Eat Better America is offering free samples of Peanut Butter Multi Grain Cheerios to their members.
– WalMart is offering free samples of LifeChoice Meal Bars.
– Coffee Mate is giving away 200,000 bottles of coffee creamer on March 23rd at 11AM CST!  Click here to find out more.

– Replen’s is offer a free sample of vaginal lubricant on their Facebook Page.
– LifeStylesCondoms is offering free samples of  Skyn Condoms when you “like” their Facebook Page.

– Free Sample of Breathe Right Strips .
– Grab a free sample of Simple Skin Care at CVS after you watch this video.
– Fill out this short form to get a free sample of Flix Floss Sticks
– Get a free sample of FiberChoice on the company website.
– Get a free sample of AllergEase when you pay $1.99 shipping on their website.
– gud is offering free samples of their body lotion on Facebook. These seem to be different from the ones I posted last week.
– This sample lasts until 3/22/2012. Mucinex is offering free samples on Facebook. You need to “like” their page in order to get the freebie. Hurry IT ENDS TOMORROW.
– White Cloud is offering a free box of facial tissue with you purchase any White Cloud bath tissue at select Walmart stores. Head on over to their Facebook Page.
– Click here for a free sample of Emergen-C
– Chanel is offering a  free deluxe 4 piece sample set of Le Blanc skin brightening system until March 25, 2012.
VitaCraves Instant Win Game. You could win a free bottle of VitaCraves!
– Coke Zero Instant Win Game. Ends April 2nd 2012!

– Parent’s Choice is offering free samples of their infant formula on their website.

– Kaspersky is offering free “Take Back the Endpoint” posters for businesses. Click here to grab one.

That concludes this week’s list! Make sure you check back daily on Wednesdays as I may add new freebies I find during the day.

From Newborn to Infant

20 Mar

My son is 12 weeks old this week! He has graduated from a sleeping-crying-puking-screaming-eating-puking-crying newborn to a sleeping-smiling-crying-smiling-somewhat talking back infant.Time is really flying by. It just seems like yesterday I was unsure when I was having my son because my blood pressure was going through the roof. I’ve been phantom kicks again lately so I don’t think that helps. I heard those are pretty common though. Don’t get me wrong. I loved that I was able to give birth to my son but to be blunt: My pregnancy was too stressful and riddled with complications. My pregnancy was so traumatizing to me I don’t know if I want to get pregnant again.

I just realized my son may possibly start with some solids next month. At our WIC they decrease the amount of formula with rice cereal at 4 months, and then they decrease the amount even more & add rice cereal & baby food. What if my child is not ready by next month to start rice cereal? Maybe I’m paranoid. I look at other babies and they’re milestones then I look at mine. Every baby develops at their own pace, right?  I hope my PPD didn’t hinder his development.


Anyways this is a short blog tonight.  I’ve noticed I’ve got quite a few new viewers reading my blog! Welcome to my lovely corner on the internet. I hope you stick around, at least until tomorrow, because I’ll be posting more freebies on Fabulous Freebie Wednesday! Why don’t you check out last week’s list?

I leave you tonight with Penguins.  Seriously. Penguins.

Me Two You Baby Blankets

19 Mar

What do you get when the great minds of an attorney, interior designer, and a marketing communications expert come together? An amazing product with a purpose.

Me Two You is a mom-founded company with an amazingly simple concept. For every blanket purchased, a blanket will be donated to an orphaned child. That means whenever you buy a baby blanket you are actually buying two blankets: one for you and one for a child in need. Me Two You works with foster care in the US and with orphanages around the world.

Now you may be wondering why I am blogging about them today. It’s a funny story actually. Well, not really funny. It IS a story. They recently followed me on Twitter. When I reviewed their website (I check out all of my Twitter followers) and read what they were all about I KNEW I had to write something about them. There are so many children in the world who are abandoned, end up alone, or thrown into the system. It’s a harsh reality that isn’t spoken about much, but lots of children do not end up with the luxuries we do. I’m sure almost all of my readers got an abundance of baby blankets at their baby showers.  I know I did. I ended up with more blankets than baby clothes. Some children are not as lucky though.

That’s where Me Two You steps in.

You definitely need to watch the following video below. It’s Me Two You’s first drop off to a child in Brazil.

The baby blankets are non-piling, highly detailed, reversible and 100% polyester.  You can also get the ease of mind knowing these blankets are made in the US.  They look so soft.

Available in 3 colors: Blue, Yellow, and Pink.

I do hope in the future they will have more colors available only because I prefer a variety as a personal preference. The blankets are $72.00 each, but remember that every blanket you purchase a child in needs get one. In actuality you are buying two. Me Two You baby blankets can be purchased online or at select stores in the northeast.

When I have the money available I am definitely going to purchase a baby blanket to give to a family in need in the Joplin area. That way I know that not only will my purchase help someone I know locally but someone else in the world will receive a great gift as well.

You can check out Me Two You at their website. They also have Facebook, and Twitter.

My Little Chatter Box

19 Mar


Full blog with a site review coming up later tonight. Until then watch this cute video I was able to snatch of Bouncy Buns today!

We have a hostage situation, folks.

18 Mar

Bouncy Buns was very clingy today.

In fact, he was SO clingy he demanded to be coddled. Any time he was set down he’d cry. When I made any attempt to talk with him instead of the smiles & coos I usually get I was treated to dirty looks & raised eyebrows.  He also decided he wanted to eat every hour.

My name is Desiree and I survived being held hostage by an 11 week old baby from 9:00AM until 5:00PM.  It’s 8:00PM and he finally fell asleep about an hour ago. THANK GOODNESS. It is days like these where I usually end up crying my eyes out because I can’t comfort him. Thanks to the Wellbutrin, however, I can handle the situation a little bit better. You should have seen me before the Wellbutrin. Before we figured out Bouncy Buns had reflux he would cry all day, shriek through every feeding, then proceed to throw up everywhere. He slept at 10 minute intervals. If we were lucky he would sleep 2 hours tops. I spent the majority of my days in tears, stressed, and seriously contemplating if I was really going to be a good mother. I felt very inadequate.

I still wonder about how I’m doing as a mother, but I take a lot more into consideration. For example: I didn’t die in the May 22nd tornado because I wanted to bring Bouncy Buns into the world. I fought to keep him alive when he shouldn’t have been but here he is.

I’m getting all teary eyed.  I can’t believe in a little over 2 months it will be the one year anniversary of the tornado. I really wish I had more time to heal from what really happened.  Tomorrow I have another battle with anxiety.

Tomorrow we have severe storms with tornado potential.  Just writing that last sentence makes me sick to my stomach. Since starting my PSTD therapy I’ve been dreaming of dying almost every night, and tornado dreams keep reoccurring. Those are the worst.  What makes tomorrow even more scarier for me is how I’m going to be alone for most of it. That’s right. Alone. Reavera happens to be working while it’s going to get bad. Lovely.

I can’t help but feel like a failure again.  I’m suppose to stay calm in situations for my son. How can I do that? Will I EVER be able to do that?

Maybe if I’m lucky my parents will come up and stay with me for a few hours or even better maybe the storms won’t reach severe limits.

When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a meteorologist. I don’t like to brag about this but I know quite a bit more about the weather than I should. I use to want to be a storm chaser. When it stormed I would go outside and watch it until it get severe…. then I would get nervous. Right before the May 22ndt tornado I was where I could really respect the mother nature.

Not anymore. I’m too afraid to. The weather holds me hostage.

I guess that’s why I’m in therapy, right guys?