My Family

This part of my blog is devoted to my little family.

The Pickle and Wiggleman.

 My husband’s name is Matthew. In my blog I will either refer to him as Husband or Reavera.  You may be wondering why I don’t have a picture of him on my blog. He wants me to wait until he has a picture he feels comfortable with being online.  He is the world to me. We have two sons together. We have our little lion, Leo (aka Wiggleman/Bouncy Buns), who was born on December 23, 2011, and I’m the proud step-mother of Leo’s brother Ian otherwise known as The Pickle. Ian is 7 years old.

We have two furbabies. Their names are Freya and Neko. Freya is my little cow cat. We call her Moo Moo. She is the sweetest kitty ever. We adopted her after my miscarriage in January 2011. Freya was in our apartment with the May 22nd Tornado hit.. She was considered lost, but she was found 10 days after the tornado by the ASPCA. I spent my time, while in the hospital, searching the internet for her. I had lots of friends (new and old) who helped me find her. When she was found she was completely happy.

Neko thinks all of the baby's toys are his toys.

Our other furbaby is Neko (pronounced Knee-Co). Neko is who I consider our family housedog, and protector of Leo. I don’t think this cat KNOWS he’s a cat. We adopted him to keep Freya company after the tornado since when we stayed with my parents they had two cats who Freya got use to. We adopted him at a local humane society. His original name was “John.” Ok. First of all.. who names a cat JOHN? We couldn’t think of a proper name to give him, as the humane society said he does not respond to names, so I simply started to call him Neko. For those unaware, Neko is japanese for “cat.” Cute, huh?

I really wish I could get a family photo of all of us. We just haven’t had the funds available to do so. If anyone needs a family to practice photography on we are perfect candidates! Promise.

Freya looks oh so serious.


One Response to “My Family”

  1. Natalie March 27, 2012 at 2:14 am #

    You have a lovely family! Please don’t take it personally that those company’s rejected you. They don’t know you or how good of a person you are.
    Please don’t take this wrong but I can tell your young, having young kids is hard. I run a forum for women, it’s just a place to talk about whatever is on your mind, and be supported. You can find out more about it at or go there and register-it’s private,for women only

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