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Another one of those “Claim my blog thingies”

14 Mar

To prove I am the legitimate owner of this blog, again, I’m suppose to write down the following sentence: The eagle recovers around a mark!



No New Blog Today.

13 Mar

Hey guys. I am actually worse today than yesterday so I think I am not going to have a new blog up today. It doesn’t help that my husband is sick either. I really really really really hope Bouncy Buns doesn’t get what we have. 

See you all tomorrow. 🙂 


12 Mar

This isn’t today’s “official” post. It’s just a post to verify I am the “owner” of The Miracle Momma. Without further ado.. VCJJW8RNPZA4

It’s such a beautiful day outside. Maybe I’ll go outside and take a walk. Can you believe spring starts officially next week?


2 Mar

Wiggleman has decided he is frightened by water. I was giving him his afternoon bath when we found this out. I like to splash a little bit of water from the tub on him to keep his body warm. For some reason this terrified him today. He had a look of HORROR on his face, then screamed. 

Of course.. I was puzzled at first.  Then I splashed him again and the same reaction happened again. I am so baffled at why water was scaring him today. If any of you have the answer to that please enlighten me. 

So for anyone out there.. this leads us to our first ever “TGIFQT” otherwise known as “Thank Goodness It’s Friday’s Question Time.” 

What is your child afraid of? 

Hello world!

25 Feb

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