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Cakes by Nessa

23 Mar

I am so excited. My stepson’s cake for his birthday party on Saturday is done. I have been waiting for this cake for over a month. The Pickle wanted a Lego Star Wars themed cake.  His mother wanted to pick a cake out of a book from Wal*Mart, but I wanted to go a step further. I have a friend who creates absolutely amazing cakes. Her name is Vanessa & she is the owner of Cakes by Nessa.  I have known her since high school. I have been a fan of hers since she made my husband’s World of Warcraft cake last year. After some convincing I was able to get The Pickle’s mother to agree to let my friend make his cake. He wanted a Lego Star Wars themed birthday party. You guys have to check this out:

Lego Star Wars Cake. The topper is an actual lego set. The stars and text were painted with edible dust.

Isn’t it cute? Lego Star Wars is all the rage right now with little boys. The cake is covered & decorated with fondant. It 3 layers of cake & serves 40. Vanessa and I looked for the candy blox to put around the cake but we could not find them locally. I’m going to have a very happy 7 year old on Saturday. Reavera was surprised at how nice the cake is. If anyone is interested I will be taking pictures of The Pickle’s birthday party and including them in Sunday’s blog.

Vanessa’s work does not stop there. Let’s take a look at some of the other cakes she has created. She gave me permission to post these photos on my blog.

Everything on this cake is edible.

Not only is everything on this treasure chest cake edible, but look at all the detail. This is one of my favorite cakes. I love how the chocolate gold pieces sit perfectly without looking like they were placed there for a reason.

Princess Castle Cake

This is another one of my favorites mainly because I like all things girly and this princess castle cake screams girly. Again, everything is edible on this fondant cake.

Toy Story Cake

I’m not 100% sure Buzz Light Year, Woody, and Rex are edible but the rest of the cake is. It takes a lot of work to make sheet look like a sheet on a bed with cake. I can’t get enough of the hand painted text.

My husband's birthday cake last year. He was completely surprised.

As the caption stated this is my husband’s birthday cake. This is the first cake I order from my friend Vanessa. At the time I was unaware she even made cakes. A friend of mine who is also friend of hers happened to refer me to Vanessa.  After being completely blown away with this cake I wanted to order Reavera a cake this year. We were not in a good place financially at the time, however, so the cake will wait until next year. Have I mentioned yet that Vanessa does not have formal training in cake decorating? Can you say talented? I knew you could.

Care Bears Cake

This is another one of my absolute favorites. Anyone else remember growing up watching the Care Bears or collecting Care Bear dolls? I would be one happy momma if I received a cake like this for my birthday (Not like I’m hinting or anything like that.). Everything about this cake is perfect to me.


I’ve been obsessed with penguins as of late, and this Happy Feet cake Vanessa made is not helping. The water and snow on the top of this cake is very realistic.

Angry Birds

Anyone who’s been on the internet the last three years is very well aware of the hit game Angry Birds. If you haven’t heard it – you have either been hiding under a rock or you have been oblivious. It is one of the most addicting games to play on your smartphone or tablet.   If you haven’t had a chance to play it the game is available on Facebook now. I’m stuck on Level 62 Poached Eggs which happens to use quite a few of the black birds. Vanessa got the black bird’s expression spot-on on this fondant cake.

Spider Man Spider Man does whatever a Spider Man does. Wait, what?

This was one of Vanessa’s first cakes, and one of the cakes that was a deciding factor for me to utilize her cake decorating services. A cake perfect for any child, Vanessa shows detailed piping work in this Spider Man cake.

Wedding Cake

Vanessa creates wedding cakes as well. This is only her second wedding cake but it is my favorite so far. For someone with no cake decorating training I am amazed at her detail in her piping. Her skill outshines many cakes I have seen in grocery stores.

Vanessa has crazy mad talent in cake decorating, and I can really see her business going even farther in the future. She makes all of her cakes at home, and is the mom of an adorable little girl. If anyone is interested in ordering a cake from her she resides in the Southeast Kansas area. Vanessa will pretty much make any cake you want her to. The cakes I am showing you tonight are only a small sampling of what she’s done. You can view her full work by going to her Facebook. She also takes orders on her Facebook as well. I hope she opens up a business website for Cakes by Nessa soon. When I look at her cakes I think of happiness. She puts in 200% dedication into all of her work. You will not be disappointed when you order a cake from her. Her prices vary depending on what type of you cake you want and the size. She will quote you a price before she begins working on the cake.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out her Facebook. I’m going to ask a personal favor from all of you. I’d love to see her get past 65 followers on Facebook. Let’s all work together to give her 100 followers. Are you up for the challenge?

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I wrote this review because I love Vanessa’s cakes and want to show her cakes off to the world.  All statements in this review are my honest opinion. 


The Great Rye Bread Hunt.

16 Mar

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the start of their weekend. A lot of kids are starting spring break this week.

My day has just been fried it seems. We still have the plague lingering over at our house. I decided to do this week’s shopping today. That was a bad idea. My husband wanted me to make him a Reuben sandwich for dinner. It just happens to be the day before St. Patrick’s Day so a dark rye or pumperknickle bread was completely sold out. 20 in-town miles wasted, and 3 stores later.. I finally found a rye bread but it wasn’t what I wanted.

I have to give my husband props for eating what I finished. I was not pleased at all, especially since I ended up burning it. Oh well! Live and learn, right?

While I was at the store I made it a mission to try something new in order to review. I came across this bad boy:


Introducing Hansen’s Natural Cane Soda. I found this in my local grocery’s stores organic section. What appealed to me about this product is that it is caffeine free, made with real cane sugar, and claims to have no preservatives. After my pregnancy I got use to soda with less sugar (thank you gestational diabetes!). With my Wellbutrin I’m not tolerating caffeine so i figured this would do the trick.

The ingredient list is as follows:
Pure Triple Filtered Carbonated Water, Sugar, Natural Caramel Color, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Natural Flavors with extracts of Madagascan Vanilla.

I did some research on Hansen’s Natural. They have a plethora of sodas, juices, and teas – over 30 to be exact! In their company history they mention removing high fructose corn syrup out of all of their products & replacing it with cane sugar in 2008. I was a tad bit disappointed when I went to their Facebook & Twitter page the last time they were updated was back in September 2011.

When I opened the can I went to smell it. Maybe I’m weird but cola has a certain smell. I could smell the vanilla, which claims to be from Madagascar, in it. The cola – not so much.

I decided to pour my drink into a glass. There was virtually no fizz at all. My guess is that’s the result of the triple filtered carbonated water. It looked like regular cola, but fairly dark.

Now let’s talk about the taste. Overall I wasn’t impressed. The flavor of the vanilla was subtly sweet, however the cola reminded me off a very off brand cola. As I finished my glass my mouth started to feel dry. I wonder if it’s a product of the sugar. I’m not sure. It wasn’t overly sweet and didn’t taste like diet, which is a plus.

Next time I try Hansen soda I will go with a fruit flavor to see how I like it.  This one was a miss. Oh well. My motto today is “Live and Learn.”

Cupcakes and Babies oh my.

15 Mar

Happy Thursday everyone. I think my body is finally getting rid of whatever plagued us this past week.  Maybe if I’m lucky I can begin to completely de-germ the house soon.

I want to take the time to thank everyone who checked out my Birthday Cake Oreo Review. I am very happy that my review reached out to so many people yesterday. I hope my review will continue to reach others who are interested in those little cookies.  I will be doing another product review either later on today or tomorrow. I really writing product reviews. Make sure you come back on Wednesdays, going forward, for Freebie Wednesday. I’ve been a freebie fanatic for the last couple of years. My family is surprised how many things I have gotten in the mail for free. Now I want to share that with all of you.

This past week I have been finding myself as a mommy blogger. It is a scary world out there. I am happy to say I have over 100 twitter followers now (go me!).  I know I am very small in comparison however Rome was not built in one day. The fact I had over 80 page views yesterday amazes me. So for you all who are coming to my blog, and hopefully returning I have some good news for you.

I will be doing a complete overhaul of my blog in the next week. Expect more content available, a header image, and images to go with my Freebie Wednesday.

I haven’t been this truly happy in so long.  It’s nice being able to find myself again and make my own mark in the world since being pregnant & becoming a mother.

Big big boy. ♥

Look at how adorable Bouncy Buns is! He is in his first non-onsie outfit for spring. This is outfit I’m going to be taking him in when we go to his brother’s birthday party next week.  He’s going to be 12 weeks old next week. He will officially be an “infant” rather than “newborn.” Jeez it seems like just yesterday it was almost Christmas.

I saw the coolest thing on the internet today. Apparently it’s been abuzz for the last week. It is an “Automatic Cupcake Machine.”

How nifty is that? I’d love to be able to go to a vending machine & pick up a fresh cupcake.  The ACM is available 24 hours a day. Unfortunately it’s the only one of its kind and it’s in LA.

What do you guys think about the Automatic Cupcake Machine? Would you go to one? Do you want one in your town? Do you hate it? Leave some comments below so we can discuss!

Product Review: Birthday Cake Oreos

14 Mar

Hi all. I’m feeling a little bit better. It seems like the plague has hit my whole house. So far Bouncy Buns has not contracted what we got. I hope not. Reavera and I are MISERABLE. I felt good enough to go to my PSTD Therapy today. We are starting what my therapist calls “exposure” treatment. I’m suppose to write, not type, how the May 22nd EF5 tornado impacted me. We’ll see how that goes. Everyone around me is saying the Wellbutrin has completely changed me for the best. I do see an improvement in my mood and I’m able to cope with my son alone better. It still gets to me that I am one of those medicated moms. Society looks down on us for needing that type of help. Luckily I have a group of girls online that I consider my support network. I’m hoping to find more mother’s or father’s out there who are in the same boat as I am.

When I get the chance I need to take new video of Bouncy Buns. He’s starting to blow bubbles!  That may not seem much to some of you but to me that is amazing. He’s went from crying, pooping, sleeping, rinse, repeat to blowing bubbles, cooing, smiling, pooping, sleeping, rinse, repeat.

Anyways ONTO the Product Review. I realize that since I’m new to the Mommy Blog world no one is going to come up to me and ask me to review their product. I have major interest in doing that on my blog so I figured why not review some of the stuff I have in my house? What better way to kick things off with the Birthday Cake Oreos!

Birthday Cake Oreo Packaging.

Birthday Cake Oreos. Limited Edition

The Birthday Cake Oreo is a limited edition cookie that celebrates Oreo’s 100th birthday. I need to make a confession. When I saw these in my local grocery store I was kind of perplexed. How could a birthday cake flavor mix with the chocolate flavor of the Oreo? When I went back to the store the next day they were all gone. All over my Facebook feed were friends clamoring over delicious these cookies were. I made it a mission to find them. Were these cookies really that good? Two weeks later they were back in my local grocery stores. I almost have given up hope. Victory is mine!

There's a surprise on the back..

When you look at the Birthday Cake Oreo it is your typical Oreo design which has been used since 1952. When you flip the cookie over there’s a surprise..

Happy Birthday Oreo!

If you’re unable to see the picture the other side of the Oreo has a single candle in the middle with the text “OREO 100”. I believe the design around the text is suppose to represent frosting design of a cake. It would have been nice to have the design on both sides from a design standpoint but I’m not complaining.

Front/Side/Back/Whatever you want to call it aside let’s talk about the most interesting part of these little bad boys. You know what I’m talking about: The mysterious birthday cake filling.

Can birthday cake and chocolate really mix?

This picture does not do it justice. If you’ve ever paid attention to the inside of an Oreo cookie the filling is fairly thick. That can make it difficult to pull apart for those of us who like to open the oreo, lick the filling, then eat the cookie. Most of the time they usually break. Not this cookie. I was able to pull it apart easily. The color of this filling is more of an off color white compared to the white filling of a regular Oreo. Now comes the test. What exactly does the filling taste like? Could Oreo really pull this off?

Look at all the color.

The aroma of the filling reminded me of a birthday cake covered in buttercream frosting. Questions, and prejudice aside I took a taste.

It was amazing. I think my tongue died and went to cookie heaven. 

It tastes exactly like a birthday cake. I was expecting the taste to be overwhelming but it was not. It was just the right amount of birthday cake goodness. I was also delighted to see the extra sprinkles when I licked. The filling was a lot more creamier than a regular Oreo. This Oreo was made for us who eat the filling first! I just know it. But what about eating the cookie whole. Can birthday cake and chocolate really go good together?

The mystery is solved.

The answer? Absolutely! The combination is perfect. It’s like it was always meant to be. It wasn’t overly sweet together. The chocolate was in complete harmony with the birthday cake filling.

So how did these cookies go over with my family? Unfortunately my stepson was sick so he couldn’ try them but my husband loved them. As my stepson is an Oreo fan as well I am very sure these will go over nicely with them. That is if they’re not gone again before I can get some more. My package of Birthday Cake Oreos only lasted a couple of days.

Be warned: They are that addicting.

It saddens me they are only limited edition. Maybe one day they will come out permanently. If Oreo could change one thing it would be to match the consistency of their filling in this flavor with their regular flavors. I enjoyed the creamier, softer consistency of the birthday cake filling. I hope there are other Oreo cookie eaters, like me, who agree.

I’ve learned my lesson: Don’t judge a cookie by it’s filling.

Want to check out more from Oreo? You can visit their Facebook page here and their website here.  You can follow them on Twitter at @Oreo

Just another day in the life of motherhood.

11 Mar

Holy time change batman! If you haven’t done so yet you might want to change your clocks 1 hour forward. Unless you’re in an area of the world or the US which doesn’t do that then I consider you lucky. Speaking of time change: Did anyone else feel off today? Like you couldn’t put your finger on it? I always just thought it was only me, but today my husband and a friend of mine told me they also felt off. I don’t see the point in Daylight Savings Time, honestly.  So if you felt off today why don’t you leave a comment below. Maybe we’re not the only crazy people around.

I need to make a confession to you all. Today I had NO CLUE what to talk about. This morning started off with The Pickle being sick so he had to go home early which made Reavera sad. It made me sad as well. My entire meal planning for the day was screwed up. So when Reavera came home I asked him what I should write about. He wanted me to write about Bouncy Bun’s “flying” experience.

Ok. Ok. Before anyone judges me I want to say that I browse the internet for various baby milestones. Bouncy Buns happens to be almost 11 weeks. Woah, 11 weeks already? Anyways. I was reading that around 2.5 months a baby would enjoy flying. In case anyone is interested this is the article:

I was so excited to show Reavera what I learned on the internet.  We got our son up. I laid on the ground, and put attempted to put Bouncy Buns on my knee to “fly.” Did I end up with a baby all smiles and giggles? I got quite the opposite. My son gave me the strangest look as I “flew” him on my knee. Reavera sat on the couch shaking his head. Next thing I know I am covered in baby puke.

Oh well. Maybe next time. Until then I think I’ll stick to singing “ABCs.”

Will I ever be the same again?

29 Feb
Last night was certainly interesting indeed.I’m going to apologize if any of this not coherent. I’m running on a lack of sleep. Coffee is imminent.

We had a round of severe weather coming towards where I live now. After the May 22nd Tornado I no longer felt safe there, and we relocated to a community about 35 miles away. Since the tornado any time there are storms I keep a tab open on TornadoVideos.Net , The National Weather Service, my local station’s interactive radar, and on Facebook. My husband and my family both think I shouldn’t worry so much. I will admit. It’s rather tiring. Maybe that’s why I’m in therapy for PSTD. Heh. Anyways. Things started to get bad, at least on radar. Luckily I have a wonderful next door neighbor who will let us use her basement. Right before the storm got close to our city I started to notice rotation. I had a completely meltdown, and then begged asked my husband if we can go to the neighbors. After calling my mom, and waiting a couple more minutes I was able to convince my husband to let us all go to the neighbors. We ran into her house, baby carrier and all. I managed to run into a tree which resulted in me losing my glasses.  When we got in the electricity flickered. It eventually went out. By the time I was able to get myself and Wiggleman down into the basement the sirens went off. I had a complete relapse of the panic I felt back in May. I had my Husband beside me, Wiggleman in my arms, and I was on the phone talking to my mom. We stayed down there until the tornado warning expired at 11:15PM. The sirens actually stopped 10 minutes before the warning expired but I was not going to take my chances.  I was so proud of Wiggleman. He slept the entire time. We ended up staying at the neighbors house until the a little after midnight, and then walked back to our duplex. Our power was off until around 1:00-2:00AM.  I eventually got myself to fall asleep around 4:00-5:00AM. Wiggleman decided he wanted to wake up at 7:00AM. I’m pretty tired today, but it’s all worth it because our home was not damaged. Some other parts of community were less fortunate.

 Matthew gave me relief from Wiggleman for me to make a quick run to the grocery store. I decided to go down and look at the damage. I wanted to see if there was anything I could to do help. Tons of trees snapped in half, uprooted, and structural damage.  For some reason I’m not phased by the damage. I guess it’s because of what I endured in May.

There’s just one thing that’s bothering me. It’s literally eating me alive today. Soo.. here we go..

Is it going to be like this every time a storm rolls through this year? Maybe it’s a combination of PSTD, Anxiety, and wanting to take care of my son…. but I don’t want to die. I don’t want my son to die. I don’t want any of us hurt. I hate feeling like every storm we have may be a life or death situation. I keep telling myself May22nd was a one time occurring.  As much as I appreciate Mother’s Nature’s fury I despise that we, as humans, are so vulnerable to the worst that can happen. Luckily there were no serious injuries or deaths in my area… however I read about a man elsewhere in last night’s tornado outbreak that was in serious condition. His house collapsed on him. I cried last night. I hope he isn’t dead.  My next therapy session should be interesting.

Last night was another reminder to appreciate each and every day I have on earth. Life is way too short. I only have one victory last night and that was I didn’t have a complete meltdown during the storm, or afterwards. I’m actually HAPPY. Only a couple hours of sleep and happy? Weeeeird. I wonder if it’s my Wellbutrin starting to kick in, or I am finally starting to find some peace.  I wish my Freya would start to be herself again. Since the May 22 Tornado she has really changed. Last night didn’t help. She wouldn’t come out of hiding for a couple of hours.

Anyways I’m off to find some coffee, and maybe make some dinner. I plan on making this tonight:

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE Pinterest? The recipe comes from the blog Just a Spoonful Of.