Cheerios and Free Stuff. Can life get any better?

26 Mar

I think my son’s grumpiness rubbed off on me. I woke up in a pretty grumpy mood. I’m combating the grumpiness with a bowl of Dulce de Leche Cheerios. Have you guys tried this cereal yet? I’m not much of a Cheerios fan but these are amazing. I snagged this image off of the Cheerios website to give you an idea of what they look like.


The Dulce De Leche Cheerios look just as pretty as the product picture above. I was expecting the caramel to either be too sweet or too bland. I was delightfully surprised they have the right amount of sweetness without it being too sweet.

You can find them in your local cereal aisle. Or you can check out their website right here.

All grumpiness aside I wanted to share a revelation with you all. I was completely unaware of two of the coolest websites around that let you give your opinions to brands, and get free stuff.  A lot of people I know are afraid to join these sites since most of them make you put in hours of work and get little to nothing back. I’ll admit I’m one of those people which is why I’ve stuck to finding legitimate freebies. The two websites I’m going to talk about today are practically effortless, have tons of positive reviews across the internet, and the products you get to sample are flippin’ outrageous. In a good way of course.

CrowdTap is a nifty website where you answer very simple questions about yourself and questions given by select brands.There is a points system which lets you gain points to redeem for discounts, gift cards, and 5% of what you redeem goes to your charity of choice.  Yep, that’s right, you can help out a charity of your choice. My charity of choice is the ASPCA since I am an avid animal lover. You can gain points by answering quick hits and completing “missions.”  I was surprised the questions they ask you, known as quick hits, are relatively simple. When you answer the question they will give you the results of the question. It’s pretty neat to see what the majority of everyone who answered that particular question think. I’ve been asked questions by brands such as Verizon, Woolite, and Old Navy to name a few. Missions are pretty interesting to participate in, and in my experience they are the way to gain the most of amount of points. A example of a mission can be “Post in a Discussion.”

Crowdtap gives incentives to come back with their leveling system. When you level up you can unlock more missions and actions.

So what exactly does all the quick hits, and missions lead up to? It leads up to you being selected to participate in brand discussions, challenges, and the ability to host parties & receive samples. I got offered the opportunity to participate in an Old Navy Discussion about their shoes, and the opportunity to host a brand sponsored party at an Old Navy. I’m still waiting to hear back if I was accepted to host a brand party but it looks wicked fun. On other websites I have seen people who participate in Old Navy host parties receive wonderful freebies like a free pair of jeans, a free shirt, and a free dress for the host & friends who participated. Who doesn’t like free clothes? I’m sure there are other brands on CrowdTap that do similar but right now I’ve only gotten the opportunity for Old Navy.

The biggest draw for point redemption, in my opinion, has to be the $25 gift cards for Amazon. If you do a quick Google search about CrowdTap and Amazon gift cards you will see a plethora of people who have gotten multiple cards so far. I’m about halfway towards a $25 gift card myself.

You need to come back to CrowdTap regularly to check out the latest quick hits and not miss out any opportunities to join actions or discussions as some brands have a limit of how many people can participate.

Does this sound interesting to you? I sure hope it does. If you’re interested in signing up you can either click on the banner on the side of my blog or you can click here.

Influenster is another relatively easy site to participate in that gives out amazing free sample boxes based on your lifestyle. The concept is simple: Unlock badges which match your lifestyle. Don’t worry that’s pretty easy to do.  Influenster sends out mystery free sample boxes. Influenster will choose who receives the mystery box, known as VoxBox, to a random selection of people based on their badges. You then review what you get in the box on your blog/youtube/twitter/etc. They hold twitter parties to talk about the VoxBoxes. Do you want an idea of what type of samples you may get? Check out this Youtube Video of last month’s Love VoxBox. As you can tell they don’t skimp out on the samples. Influenster confirmed on Twitter at the last Twitter Party the Gillette Olay Venus Razor was an Influenster exclusive. It won’t be available until the end of March. They also include bonus sample to people with specific badges.  The next VoxBox is geared towards mothers, and they will be doing a spring VoxbBox shortly. I highly recommend this site as well.  If you want to join Influenster click here.

Are any of you a member of CrowdTap or Influenster? Leave a comment below about your experience. I’d love to hear from you. Before I go I want to send a special thank you to my Twitter friend & fellow Mommy Blogger Lisa. She was the one who told me about those websites. If it wasn’t for her convincing I probably wouldn’t have ever joined. Thank you Lisa!


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