The Great Rye Bread Hunt.

16 Mar

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the start of their weekend. A lot of kids are starting spring break this week.

My day has just been fried it seems. We still have the plague lingering over at our house. I decided to do this week’s shopping today. That was a bad idea. My husband wanted me to make him a Reuben sandwich for dinner. It just happens to be the day before St. Patrick’s Day so a dark rye or pumperknickle bread was completely sold out. 20 in-town miles wasted, and 3 stores later.. I finally found a rye bread but it wasn’t what I wanted.

I have to give my husband props for eating what I finished. I was not pleased at all, especially since I ended up burning it. Oh well! Live and learn, right?

While I was at the store I made it a mission to try something new in order to review. I came across this bad boy:


Introducing Hansen’s Natural Cane Soda. I found this in my local grocery’s stores organic section. What appealed to me about this product is that it is caffeine free, made with real cane sugar, and claims to have no preservatives. After my pregnancy I got use to soda with less sugar (thank you gestational diabetes!). With my Wellbutrin I’m not tolerating caffeine so i figured this would do the trick.

The ingredient list is as follows:
Pure Triple Filtered Carbonated Water, Sugar, Natural Caramel Color, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Natural Flavors with extracts of Madagascan Vanilla.

I did some research on Hansen’s Natural. They have a plethora of sodas, juices, and teas – over 30 to be exact! In their company history they mention removing high fructose corn syrup out of all of their products & replacing it with cane sugar in 2008. I was a tad bit disappointed when I went to their Facebook & Twitter page the last time they were updated was back in September 2011.

When I opened the can I went to smell it. Maybe I’m weird but cola has a certain smell. I could smell the vanilla, which claims to be from Madagascar, in it. The cola – not so much.

I decided to pour my drink into a glass. There was virtually no fizz at all. My guess is that’s the result of the triple filtered carbonated water. It looked like regular cola, but fairly dark.

Now let’s talk about the taste. Overall I wasn’t impressed. The flavor of the vanilla was subtly sweet, however the cola reminded me off a very off brand cola. As I finished my glass my mouth started to feel dry. I wonder if it’s a product of the sugar. I’m not sure. It wasn’t overly sweet and didn’t taste like diet, which is a plus.

Next time I try Hansen soda I will go with a fruit flavor to see how I like it.  This one was a miss. Oh well. My motto today is “Live and Learn.”

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