Just another day in the life of motherhood.

11 Mar

Holy time change batman! If you haven’t done so yet you might want to change your clocks 1 hour forward. Unless you’re in an area of the world or the US which doesn’t do that then I consider you lucky. Speaking of time change: Did anyone else feel off today? Like you couldn’t put your finger on it? I always just thought it was only me, but today my husband and a friend of mine told me they also felt off. I don’t see the point in Daylight Savings Time, honestly.  So if you felt off today why don’t you leave a comment below. Maybe we’re not the only crazy people around.

I need to make a confession to you all. Today I had NO CLUE what to talk about. This morning started off with The Pickle being sick so he had to go home early which made Reavera sad. It made me sad as well. My entire meal planning for the day was screwed up. So when Reavera came home I asked him what I should write about. He wanted me to write about Bouncy Bun’s “flying” experience.

Ok. Ok. Before anyone judges me I want to say that I browse the internet for various baby milestones. Bouncy Buns happens to be almost 11 weeks. Woah, 11 weeks already? Anyways. I was reading that around 2.5 months a baby would enjoy flying. In case anyone is interested this is the article:


I was so excited to show Reavera what I learned on the internet.  We got our son up. I laid on the ground, and put attempted to put Bouncy Buns on my knee to “fly.” Did I end up with a baby all smiles and giggles? I got quite the opposite. My son gave me the strangest look as I “flew” him on my knee. Reavera sat on the couch shaking his head. Next thing I know I am covered in baby puke.

Oh well. Maybe next time. Until then I think I’ll stick to singing “ABCs.”

2 Responses to “Just another day in the life of motherhood.”

  1. Nigel Kitchens March 11, 2012 at 9:27 pm #

    I always feel off for a day or two around daylight savings time.

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