Brotherly Love

10 Mar

All doom, and gloom aside.. (if anyone is wondering YES I am still bothered. I just need to find peace. I have to.) I want to tell you a story today of two brothers.


These two brothers are inseparable. Any time Bouncy Buns needs a diaper change his beloved Neko is there… in the good times..
and the bad times…


It’s quite funny really. I had talks with Reavera before Wiggleman was born. We were afraid Freya would be completely shy at first, and eventually warm up to Wiggleman while Neko would be too playful and possibly hurt him. When we brought Wiggleman home Freya was very reserved (still is honestly). Neko, on the other hand, decided that this baby was HIS baby. Neko has huge paws with huge claws. Neko has used his claws to well…. You know what. I don’t want to get into that. Ahem. Anyways. Whenever Neko is around Wiggleman he never uses his claws. Never. Wiggle has kicked him, grabbed him, snacked him. You name it so far and Wiggleman has done it.  Neko takes it like a champ.

I wonder if that will change later on.





I hope not.

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