Crazy Lady

4 Mar

Oh blog of mine. We must really stop these early morning rendezvous. 

Before I go back to bed I wanted to tell you all a story. A story about a crazy lady. So crazy enough she got dirty looks from her neighbors and when trying to explain what the hell was exactly going on the neighbor ignores her and slams her door!

It all started out on a beautiful Saturday morning. Our protagonist was having a pretty good day. Well. If you consider getting peed on two times, handling the attitude of a six year old, and attempting to adjust to her beloved husband going back to work. Ahem. This lady decides she wants to have a large glass of iced coffee. Because y’know. Coffee is amazing (true story). She makes herself a glass of coffee. Famished from having to walk miles in her home earlier in the day because the newborn is also adjusting to daddy not being home.. she drinks it pretty fast. That shouldn’t be a problem, right? 

Oh but it is.

Our lady starts to feel a heavy sensation in her head. In order to not think about it she makes a b-line to her laptop. A couple minutes go by. The next thing which happens scares the poo out of not only herself, but the six year old, and the newborn. Our lady ends up screaming, and bolting out of her house. Over. and over. and over. 

I introduce to you the crazy lady formerly known as lady. Hoo-rah.

It’s 40 degrees outside and our protagonist is outside is pacing back and forward on the phone frantically trying to get a hold of someone to talk to.  Every time her pace slowed down she would end up feeling like she was choking. The crazy lady goes back into her home. You should have seen the look on the six year old’s face. The newborn who finally went asleep? He woke up. 

The crazy lady then kept feeling worse. LUCKILY her husband miraculously comes home. He goes back inside with the six year old and newborn. Then everything goes down between the neighbor and our crazy lady. She felt HORRIBLE she was like this. 

In order to combat what was going on our crazy lady drank 6 glasses of water, ate a granola bar, and munched on cereal all while pacing.

Things eventually calmed down THREE HOURS LATER.

Now you must be wondering. What exactly happened to our lady?

Apparently, unbeknownst to her, the medication to fight anxiety & depression she was prescribed earlier in the week can have a very adverse reaction with caffeine.  It would have been nice if our lady now known as the crazy lady was told this. Our lady is now horribly embarrassed, and quite honestly feels like a failure to her family. 

So today’s lesson kiddos: Don’t drink anything high in caffeine while on Wellbutrin. Seriously. It can possibly make you bat shit crazy, and have the WORST panic attacks ever. 

Ahh. I feel better now. I’m going back to bed. Can you believe it’s only the fourth day of March and birds are already outside chirping away at 6:00AM? 

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