2 Mar

Wiggleman has decided he is frightened by water. I was giving him his afternoon bath when we found this out. I like to splash a little bit of water from the tub on him to keep his body warm. For some reason this terrified him today. He had a look of HORROR on his face, then screamed. 

Of course.. I was puzzled at first.  Then I splashed him again and the same reaction happened again. I am so baffled at why water was scaring him today. If any of you have the answer to that please enlighten me. 

So for anyone out there.. this leads us to our first ever “TGIFQT” otherwise known as “Thank Goodness It’s Friday’s Question Time.” 

What is your child afraid of? 


One Response to “TGIFQT”

  1. Traci March 3, 2012 at 5:08 am #

    Benjamin is highly scared of water ever since my little sister squirted him in the face with a squishy bath-toy fish, it was traumatizing apparently. He hates water, he hates when he gets wet, when the water comes on, and he just now adjusted to actually drinking it. I guess Leo and Bug have that in common!

    I love your blog, it’s very pleasing to look at and lovely to catch up on you. 🙂

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